What shoes should you wear with your maxi dress?

You would think this was a simple enough question, but the answer depends on the time of year, the fabric, the occasion, and the style of the dress.

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Summer dresses

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When it’s hot, most of us don’t wear covered-in shoes through choice. Fortunately, summer maxi dresses are versatile and team well with a variety of sandals.

Firstly, there are the flats. Who doesn’t love sparkly sandals that go well with just about every style of dress or ankle-bound gladiators that look great with plain dresses or those in colour blocks? Flip flops are also great for daytime or casual events.

Keep plain sandals for patterned dresses and wear patterned sandals with plain dresses. You can be adventurous with pattern this year.

Summer wedges come in a variety of styles. If you have bows or pom-poms on your sandals, don’t wear a frilly dress – keep either your dress or your sandals plain.

Strappy high-heeled sandals always look classy with maxis and you can vary them from formal to casual, depending on the style. Stilettos are great with wedding guest dresses from fashion brands such as www.axparis.com/collections/wedding-guest-dresses, while kitten heels are a bit more playful and can be worn to less formal events.

Work dresses

There are some workplaces that do not allow employees to wear any kind of sandal, so style it out. Long sleeves are better for work; alternatively, if your dress is sleeveless, wear a jacket and team it with ankle boots.

Formal outfits

If you are looking for wedding guest dresses, maxis are great; however, the shoes must be absolutely right and not too casual. Court shoe styles always look smart and you can get these in either stiletto, kitten heels or even ballerina flats.

Winter maxis

It can be harder to get maxis in heavier fabrics, depending on what is in fashion at the time, but the right dress is warm and covers as much as trousers. With the right fabric, your Victorian-style button-up mid-calf boots really come into their own. Even a pair of Dr Martens boots can look very stylish in a grunge kind of way.

Be adventurous by trying different styles and different looks. You might be surprised at what suits you and what looks good. Study fashion magazines and websites, and off you go!