The Takeover of the Body-Con Dress

The Takeover of the Body-Con Dress

Body-con is the ever-growing dress design that everybody is lusting over. Becoming popular over the past several years, this style is making a massive impact on the fashion industry. Not only does it flatter your shape in the most sexy and sophisticated way, it is also a versatile alternative style that can be worn for work and evening wear. We take a look at how the body-con dress has evolved over the past few years and its versatile qualities.

The body-con dress has become a regular at red carpet events and it is clear to see that celebrities are big fans of the look. With our trend starters and idols strutting around in these womanly dresses, there is no surprise the world have has crazy over this specific style. This design is like a sweet shop of dresses, with a wide assortment of colours, prints, designs and materials available, you will be spoilt for choice.

Women who have suffered from lack of confidence in the past and the feeling that they are lacking femininity; this is the ideal dress to put their insecurities at bay. The body con dress is often made of a tight clinging material, and although that sounds daunting, they are usually made up of a thicker material in comparison to other clinging clothing. This thicker material hugs your body in all of the right ways and gives you the sexiest shape imaginable. The body-con dress focuses upon your best assets, usually being your bum and bust, creating a beautiful silhouette.

Colour blocking and illumination prints are common within the design of these particular frocks; both trends have been gaining major popularity in recent years. Whilst colour blocking injects fun and flirtatious characteristics; illumination prints are creating the illusion of a slimmer, shapely figure. With the use of tactical colour choices which often consist of black skimming down the sides of the dress, it helps to create a false impression of a smaller frame. This style is especially good for ladies who are more curvy than they wish to be.

If you want to get noticed, feel sexy and look fabulous, the body-con dress is the dress to choose. You can purchase them in a range of length and styles so you can wear them to work or for evening wear. It looks like the tight-fitting dress is here to stay in the world of fashion and is forever expanding and producing flattering, figure-hugging designs for women everywhere.