The rules for better engagement ring care

Your engagement ring is one of the most important pieces of jewellery you will ever own. For some people, it is the only jewellery they will ever wear, at least until they add a wedding ring. That means it is vital to care for it properly, but you may struggle to know where to begin. Diamonds are tough, but not indestructible, so here are some steps you can take to preserve their beauty.

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Remove it

You may want to wear your ring all the time, but that heightens the risk of loss or damage. Alternatively, you may remove it every time you do something as simple as washing your hands. Not only is this unnecessary, but it also increases the risk of leaving the ring in someone else’s bathroom. Do remove it during exercise – especially swimming – but otherwise, you should make the decision based on personal comfort.

Ring trees

If you do take your ring off, you need to know where you are leaving it. A ring tree or small pot on the dressing table, kitchen windowsill or bathroom shelf means that whenever you need to remove your ring, you know exactly where to look to find it. This is also makes it less likely it will end up on the floor or down the sink.

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Clean it

A dirty stone will not catch the light in the same way, and your diamond’s brilliance will be lost. The simplest way to clean it is to leave it to soak for a short while in warm water and mild washing-up liquid. Do this regularly ,and your ring will remain as shiny as ever. More advice on cleaning diamond engagement rings is available from

Check it

Make sure the prongs and setting are not damaged. You can do this yourself just by looking and maybe giving it a shake to see if it’s loose. You can also take it to a jeweller for a more professional service. If you purchase a bespoke diamond engagement ring, such as those at, you can consult with experts on the safest and most attractive setting before it is even designed.

Insure it

If the worst happens and the ring is damaged, you will want the peace of mind insurance can bring. It is worth paying more to protect something so important.