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How to Choose Your Washing Machine One of the most important home appliances being used today is the washing machine. Washing machine makes doing laundry a lot easier. People do not have to go through all the hard work of removing dirt and stains from the clothes. A good washing machine combined with an excellent washing detergent would take care most if not all of the problem. Due to the creation of washing machine, the laundry industry has become very competitive in the market. Therefore, it is rare for a home to have no washing machine at all. There will come a time that you have to buy a washing machine. So how do you choose your washing machine? Brand – Appliance brand often determines the quality of the product. One good method is consider the popular brands for home appliances when buying for washing machines. It is most likely that you will also get quality washing machine. Budget – You have to determine how much you are willing to spend for a washing machine. Some washing machines are expensive while there are some which are affordable. Focus your options on the models that meet your budget. Your option will still reach more than a dozen even with limited budget.
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Number of clothes per wash – You have to consider the capacity of the washing machine. It must be capable of accommodating the average volume of clothes you wash every time. Get a bigger washing machine for a laundry business. For small washing chores, compact washing machines are enough.
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Size – Remember that the largest washing machine does not mean the model with the highest washing capacity. The main reason is that there are different features added on the washing machine such as dryer that increase the size of the appliance. Get a washing machine with a size that will fit on the area where you put it. The best compact washing machine can provide quality service with minimum space occupied. Features – Modern washing machine more than just wash clothes. They can also dry your clothes and many more. Newer washing machines are semi-automated or more advanced. Identify which features you need for washing. Do not waste money on buying a washing machine with different features that you will rarely or never use. Warranty – It is important to know the warranty. A lot of washing machines have one year warranty period. Read carefully the inclusions of the warranty. Do you want to include parts replacement or satisfied with repair service? Review – Read how users feel when they are using the washing machine for their washing chores. You will then know what to expect from the particular washing machine. You can now shop for the right washing machine.


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