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Keeping Your Smartphone Away from the Scrap Pile

Truth be told, most people all over the world have smartphones. In fact, 75 percent of people in American have one. This is expected to increase in the next few years because they have practically become a necessity. The purpose of a phone has now gone beyond calling and texting. Now, they are regarded as mini computers that you can have all the time. They are also very convenient for a lot of people. Everything you need is neatly packaged in them.

When it comes to smartphones however, not everyone is happy about it. The phones back in the days are something some people can’t move on from. The indestructibility of the old ones is a common reason. They would even ring underwater if you drop in it a tub. It just goes to prove that they are very durable given the fact that many of them are still around. Smartphones however, is a different story.

Comparing the new and old phones would even be an injustice. It is undeniable that smartphones can do a lot more than old phones. Compared to the old ones however, smartphones won’t even be able to hold a candle against the old phone models. Drop them a little and the screen breaks. Sit down and the phone in your pocket breaks. Their life span is also incredibly short. At most, 21 months would be the best they can do.

Most people would replace their phones before they are even destroyed. As soon as the phone starts showing signs of slowing down, people are already looking for something to replace it with. The need for durability is no longer something manufacturers see because of this. When it comes to the economy however, this is not exactly good. Many reasons are behind this simple fact that you should also understand. Making sure that our smartphone reaches an old age is the only thing you need to do in order to help make things better.

Among the things you need to do are the following. First thing you need to get is a phone cover. This is one of the best ways to protect your phone if you happen to drop it. You will find many options on the internet with this. If you can get something that can protect the screen, go for it. The most fragile part of a phone is the screen. There are many options for this. Rubber versions are considered to be among the best in this.

A good reason for your smartphone to slowdown is the number of things you put in it. Upgrading your memory card can easily solve this. A good alternative is to make use of other methods in storing your files.


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