How to Dress a Fat Woman to Look Skinny

For most women, having a fat body may be an annoying thing. Not so. We must remain grateful for the gifts already given by the Creator. But as a woman, of course you still want to look beautiful and perfect.

Currently, a fat or obese body who began to realize the appearance. Although fat, they keep trying to keep looking slim, slim, and thin. There are various ways that can be done, one of the easiest ways to look thin is to wear the right clothes and accessories.


For some women especially those who have a fat body, choosing clothes is not an easy matter. If miscalculated, your growing fat will look even more fat and wide. There is even a more severe, which becomes visible fat and short. Do not want that to happen? Means you must have knowledge about how to dress for fat people to look slim.


How to dress a fat woman to be slim and beautiful? Before entering on tips on choosing clothes for other obese women, we will remind the very basic thing. Make sure you recognize the body shape you have correctly. For example, there are several types of fat people. Some are uniformly flat, fat on the arm, fat or abdominal belly, etc.

What about your feet? Is between the thighs and fat calves evenly distributed? Or just thighs that have lots of fat deposits? There are also people with body fat but not too big calf.

So make sure you understand the body shape you have. That way you will be easier in finding clothes and clothes that fit and fit your body.


Keep in mind, not all clothing models suitable worn by women with body fat. Though today there are various models of clothes sold in the market. Then what kind of clothing model is good used by fat women? Here it is.
Choose V Shirt Models On The Neck To Make Women Look More Slim

Choose V Shirt Models On The Neck To Make Women Look More Slim

Do you know, a fat body looks widened sideways from upwards. Therefore, to create the illusion that you look thinner wear something that looks vertical. The V-shaped top model or commonly referred to as v-neck can help you look slimmer.
If You Are a Fat Woman, Choose Clothes With Neck Shaped V

If necessary, wear tops with a slightly neck V shape until the collarbone is visible. The mix will make you look a little thinner than usual.

How To Dress Up Fat People to Look Skinny By Avoiding Loose Clothes

Most fat women are usually seen wearing loose clothing. Most of the bigger women do that to cover their large size. But do you know, that wearing loose clothing for obese women actually makes them look more fat?
Choose Apparel That Meets Body Size For Fat Body Can Look Small
Choose Apparel That Meets Body Size For Fat Body Can Look Small

If you are fat or obese, start now avoid wearing a great shirt. Always choose clothes that fit the body size. Avoid using clothes that are too big or too small. Both can make your body look bigger

Modify Clothing To Fit In Body

Many clothes sold in the market have a standard size that is not suitable for use by obese women. Therefore occasionally try to go your mainstay tailor. Consult with him to modify the clothes you have. Consider creating a new model that is unique but beautiful when you wear. By doing so there are 2 things you will get. First, you can get clothes that really fit your body shape. Second, you can attract the attention of people because it has a model of clothes that are not on the market but fit when worn in your body.

Choose the Right Skirt Length In order to Look Slimmer

Some fat women choose to wear skirts so that their feet look slimmer. It’s not wrong. But it would be nice if you choose a skirt that is long above the knee. The reason is a skirt over the knee will make your legs look a little longer. So your effect will look taller and thinner. Short Skirts Over Knees Can Make Woman Look Height And Slimmer. Meanwhile, if you choose to use a skirt below the knee, then your feet will look to be shorter. Automatic body also looks shorter. Fat people who look shorter will certainly make his body more visible width alias increasingly fat.

Note Color And Motif Clothes For People Diapers

Just like the type of clothing, as a fat person you also have to pay attention to the color and pattern of clothing that you want to wear. Being a woman with a fat body does need a little selective in determining the clothes to wear. But for the sake of looking beautiful gorgeous of course you will not mind to learn it right?

Choose the Right Color

Having a fat body is still a gift. You should not regret it. Look at the many people out there who hope to be fat, but it is very difficult to make the body become fat. We strongly believe you can still look beautiful, provided you choose the right shirt color.

Lots of clothing experts say that the most friendly color with obese women is black. In addition to black, you can also wear clothing with other dark colors. The reason is a dark color can disguise the shadow of body fat folds. So you will look thinner.

Black tops can be paired with subordinates of matching trousers. For subordinates, you may also use bright colors such as cream, white, light brown, light blue, etc.

Choosing the right motive

This special point we provide for you women who love to buy patterned clothes. Yes, fat women are not forbidden to buy patterned clothes. But the origin of the motive is right. You do not want to look bigger and bigger right? Therefore make sure you choose clothes with small motifs. Fat Woman Should Choose a Small Motif with a Basic Color That tends to dark

There are many motives to choose from. For example, flower motifs. Choose clothes with small flower motifs that do not really fit the clothes as a whole. This method effectively makes the fat woman look slimmer.

Instead, you can wear jewelry to sweeten your appearance. For example by wearing earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bags, or belts. But make sure also size and portion should be fit and not excessive.

Select Appropriate Jewelry

One of the accessories that women often use is jewelry. With the right jewelry, women will look more beautiful. Although as a complement to the appearance, but jewelry can also help you to look slimmer you know. Wear a long necklace and dangle down. Long necklace will make the body look taller so it looks sleek and slim. You can also use big brown bracelet accessories that can make your wrist look small.

In addition, for you fat ladies who feel have a wide face and a big head. You can try to use the earrings with a size large enough. The size of a large earring will give the illusion of the eye that your head will appear smaller than the original. Make sure you choose the right jewelry.

After knowing all that, as a fat woman can appear more confident when everything fits and fits with your condition. Therefore, make sure you experiment with a variety of variations to get the best results.