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How to weatherproof your wedding

British weddings must take one thing into consideration – the possibility of inclement weather! Here are some useful tips to avoid having the weather wreck your big plans:

1) Consider the weather when choosing a venue

The easiest way to weatherproof your nuptials is to ensure your venue or marquee is big enough to give everyone shelter. As long as your guests are warm and dry, they will have a great time anywhere. If you’re having a marquee, make sure it has sides that can be pulled down if the weather turns a bit rainy and windy.

2) Stock some wellies and brollies

Don’t fear the weather but embrace it. If inclement weather is forecast, make sure you have a stock of umbrellas and ask guests to bring their wellies (more important if your venue is outdoors). Why not consider having your names and date on some brightly coloured brollies for people to keep as a keepsake. Get your photographer to embrace the weather too, as you can get some amazing shots of guests with their brollies up.

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Romantic pictures of you with your partner huddled up under an umbrella makes a beautiful shot too. Stormy skies offer perfect lighting for photographers, raindrops look stunning, snow looks intimate and wind blowing a bride’s veil makes an incredible shot. For a Luxury Wedding Photographer near me, visit

3) Temperature

If your wedding is set for the middle of a heatwave, don’t despair, just make sure there is plenty of water available and possibly a few fans around the venue. The sunshine will look beautiful in your summery shots, just make sure elderly relatives and those stuck in morning suits are able to stay hydrated and cool.

Should the temperatures plummet, you could consider hiring a heater or two to keep guests toasty, especially if you’re in a marquee or barn for example. Encourage everyone to get moving on the dance floor and nobody will be cold for long.

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4) Use your ushers

Ushers are there to assist, so make good use of them if the weather is proving challenging. They can cover you with an umbrella as you enter and leave the ceremony. You can ask them to supply towels to wipe down seating etc. Don’t be afraid to ask for help so you can get into the ceremony whilst retaining your flawless dress, hair and make-up.

5) Just have fun!

This is the biggest party of your life, so don’t let the weather dampen your spirits. Clothes can always be dry-cleaned. Relax, have fun and your guests will bound to have a wonderful time no matter what the weather is doing.