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Hair style boys according to face shape

For women, the hair is a crown that can make it look more beautiful and attractive. However, it does not mean that hair for men is not important. In fact, an organized man’s hairstyle will give a deep impression to the viewer. Plus a healthy glow can certainly make the man look more attractive.

If you are a man who wants to change the hairstyle. It is worth paying attention to several aspects such as comfort factor and suitability of face shape with the selected hairstyle. Do not forget to recognize your own hair type whether straight, curl, volume or curly. It can also affect the end result of the haircut you want.


Triangle Face Style

Triangular face marked with a narrow forehead and wide jaw. For the triangular face, the shape should select a haircut that can make the forehead become wider by adding volume to the hair. Curly hair swollen and curly hair is perfect for this face shape. Avoid haircuts that are too thin and short on the side that will make the forehead look more narrow.

The appropriate haircut and can be an option is a haircut with long bangs are arrange up or standing. Haircut with the order of edge and bangs are arranged tilt sideways and cover the forehead.

Square Box Hair Style

The face of a square or box is marked with a forehead of equal size with the jaw. The impression of this face forming a very masculine aura. For square or square facial shapes, choose a haircut that can make the forehead and jaw firmly smoother with soft cuts on the boundaries. However, if you want to highlight your masculine and macho side, short and crew cuts help to clarify the firm line between your jaw and forehead.

Oval face

The oval face is marked with a forehead the size is the same width with cheeks and chin that tapering, oval face match juxtaposed with various styles and models both in terms of length and thickness of hair because of the balance of facial proportions. Hairstyles and model pieces with bangs will make the oval face look more rounded. The appropriate haircut and can be an option is a long piece of hair is combed to the back, short haircuts and crew with the sideways arrangement, and haircuts with bangs.

Long Faces

The long or oblong face is marked with a longer chin that gives the impression of a longer-sight face. This facial shape should balance between face length and hair thickness is not too centered above or too thin on the bottom. Choose a haircut that is slightly thicker so that the hair can frame the face shape so it looks shorter.

The appropriate haircut and can be an option is a haircut that is laid side by side, flat hair and crew cut, haircut with bangs and haircuts with bangs are arranged up.…

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Dangers of Nail Polish Fashion Trend for Health

Dangers of Nail Polish Fashion Trend for Health. Most women ever wear this one item, women use nail or nail polish is for the beauty of their bodies. It is now very modern times, not only the visible part of our body but also nails is becoming fashion trend. But the smallest part of our body did not escape from the treatment so that the appearance can look more perfect.

Indeed, nail polish makes the wearer’s nails look more beautiful and colorful, but do you know the dangers of using nails or nail polish?
The hazard of nail polish for health is there are 3 dangerous ingredients namely toluene, formaldehyde, and ethyl acetate.


Toluene is a solvent of other chemicals in nail polish that serves to sharpen the color. Toluene can cause damage to the nervous system if used in the long term. In the short term, users can also experience symptoms such as eye irritation, dizziness, and easy to forget. Although it is prohibited to use it, but most manufacturers of nail polish still use this material.

In addition toluene there are also other chemicals contained in the nail polish, namely formaldehyde. These chemicals are often called formaldehyde can be a gas or liquid. Formalin is not only harmful when consumed, but also when we breathe it. If used for a long time, formaldehyde (formalin) will cause various types of cancer, headache, irritation of the nasal mucosa, mouth, and throat, skin damage, and death.

Nail Polish Fashion Trend for Health

Formaldehyde (formaldehyde) in the form of gas is even more dangerous than when consumed. Why is that? Because in formaldehyde gas form this will go straight into the lungs and bind to another gas. In fact, gas in the lungs will be taken and flowed through the blood circulation. This formaldehyde compound with oxygen can poison the body and cause various ailments suddenly.

The last harmful substance is ethyl acetate. In fact, this substance can cause nerves and internal organs such as kidney, heart, and lungs. Ethyl acetate-like chemicals also used for nail polish are methyl acetate. This substance is not less dangerous with ethyl acetate.

Excessive use of nail polish is not good for your nail health, especially for those of you who use nail polish with poor quality. Like other limbs, nails should also be maintained health because if not nail condition will be unpleasant seen as yellow can even cause nails become damaged by exposed to allergic nails. If you want to use nail polish, choose the polish carefully before using it to keep your nails healthy.

Envy – the characteristics of good polish:

1. Water-based and odorless polish. Choose a polish that when opened does not cause odor as it is usually a nasty polish that contains hazardous ingredients and see the composition, if it contains “Dibutyl Phthalate” then it is guaranteed that the nail polish is harmful to your nails.

2. Choose a nail polish with water to keep the nails dry and keep moisture awake.

3. nail polish that have the correct expiration date. Rub the expiration date if it is quickly lost then the nail polish is a nail polish using a used bottle and refilled with a polish that contains harmful chemicals by the seller of naughty nail polish.

4. nail polish with the right viscosity is not too fluid and not too thick. How to test it is to open the polish and see polish fluid on the brush, if it does not fall in a matter of 5 seconds then nail polish contains the right composition.

5. The color is thick when used on nails and Easy to dry

6. Has a price that is not too cheap. Usually the price describes the quality of the goods. The too-cheap ones should be suspected of their quality. Because many sellers want to make big profits by selling polishes that contain substitute materials that are obviously not good.…

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What shoes should you wear with your maxi dress?

You would think this was a simple enough question, but the answer depends on the time of year, the fabric, the occasion, and the style of the dress.

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Summer dresses

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When it’s hot, most of us don’t wear covered-in shoes through choice. Fortunately, summer maxi dresses are versatile and team well with a variety of sandals.

Firstly, there are the flats. Who doesn’t love sparkly sandals that go well with just about every style of dress or ankle-bound gladiators that look great with plain dresses or those in colour blocks? Flip flops are also great for daytime or casual events.

Keep plain sandals for patterned dresses and wear patterned sandals with plain dresses. You can be adventurous with pattern this year.

Summer wedges come in a variety of styles. If you have bows or pom-poms on your sandals, don’t wear a frilly dress – keep either your dress or your sandals plain.

Strappy high-heeled sandals always look classy with maxis and you can vary them from formal to casual, depending on the style. Stilettos are great with wedding guest dresses from fashion brands such as, while kitten heels are a bit more playful and can be worn to less formal events.

Work dresses

There are some workplaces that do not allow employees to wear any kind of sandal, so style it out. Long sleeves are better for work; alternatively, if your dress is sleeveless, wear a jacket and team it with ankle boots.

Formal outfits

If you are looking for wedding guest dresses, maxis are great; however, the shoes must be absolutely right and not too casual. Court shoe styles always look smart and you can get these in either stiletto, kitten heels or even ballerina flats.

Winter maxis

It can be harder to get maxis in heavier fabrics, depending on what is in fashion at the time, but the right dress is warm and covers as much as trousers. With the right fabric, your Victorian-style button-up mid-calf boots really come into their own. Even a pair of Dr Martens boots can look very stylish in a grunge kind of way.

Be adventurous by trying different styles and different looks. You might be surprised at what suits you and what looks good. Study fashion magazines and websites, and off you go!…

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Top 5 Wedding Guest Rules

So, you have an upcoming wedding ceremony to attend and you have no idea what to wear, who to bring as your plus one and how to do your makeup. They’re all quite common dilemmas in the inner workings of a guest’s mind.

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To help put your mind at rest, we have included the top 5 wedding don’ts that you definitely want to avoid on the big day:

1. Don’t Wear White – Respect Tradition

The most obvious wedding guest rule of the bunch is the “no white” rule. You can’t upstage the bride. Ideally, she should be the only one present in white. This doesn’t mean that your outfit can’t have some degree of white in it, it just means you might want to put that long white lace dress in the back of your closet for the time being.

2. Don’t Wear Black Either – You’re Not at a Funeral

Whilst some all black assembles may look incredibly sophisticated and elegant, it’s probably not a good idea to wear black to a wedding. You don’t want to look like you’re at a funeral and instead of mourning the death of a loved one, you’re mourning the happy couple’s marriage. It’s not a positive message. According to the Telegraph, “head-to-toe black is never a good idea for a wedding”.

3. Buy a Wedding Gift Early – Don’t Procrastinate

According to Glamour Magazine, it is better for guests to choose a gift included on the registry (if there is one). This is to ensure that the couple will receive something that they will actually want and use. If there is no registry, use your imagination. It is better to buy this wedding gift early and avoid leaving it until the day before the wedding. Don’t forget to put a little more effort into your wrapping for this one! Add a few white ribbons for that extra bit of glam.

Other gifts you could consider buying a couple is vouchers or money towards their Wedding Venue of choice. The couple could opt for a Gloucestershire Hotel Wedding Venue for instance so money towards a nights stay would be lovely and one less thing to worry about on the day.

4. Keep your Makeup Simple – Skip the “Drag Queen Act”

Weddings are not really the right place to sport the latest Lady Gaga makeup look. Keep it simple and fresh. Many brides hire professional makeup artists to help them look their best on their big day. As a guest, this probably isn’t necessary for you but if you want to make an extra effort, have a look around for the best brands of makeup in your area. Many people believe that, for the ultimate flawless finish, all you need is a good quality collection of tools.

5. Don’t be too Clingy – Let the Couple Breathe

It can be easy to get carried away at weddings. Of course it is important to offer the bride and groom your congratulations and speak with them at times throughout the wedding. However, don’t overdo it. The couple have a lot of guests to get through and sometimes it can be exhausting. Give them space to breathe and enjoy yourself at the same time.


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5 Reasons Why You Need Corporate Events

Sorting out a corporate event may be excessively expensive. It requires a ton of exertion – so why do you think you need this for your business?

Work can be upsetting once in a while, it drains the energy and motivation of your staffs,  and it can turn bad when not dealt with appropriately. Do you truly need your workers to feel this constantly? If so, you have to set up a corporate occasion now.

Like we stated, sorting out this involves exertion and cost – that is the reason you may require the best event management companies that give the best solutions to any kind of event organizing. We design your occasions effortlessly. We are going to deal with everything, simply give us the vital subtleties and we’ll make it for you. Simply sit back, and perceive how your occasion will easily go through.

Moreover, there are reasons why you have to organize a corporate occasion, and we have listed them down so you can consider having one – for your advantage, your staffs, and your business.

To promote your business:

If you need to make a buzz or news about your items and services, a corporate occasion is a right thing you ought to do. For instance, product launch through corporate occasions is engaging enough; it’s essential. And in the meantime, you can incorporate your image and business’ voice through this as well.

To lessen worry in the working environment:

When your staffs are happy, they have better chances of being more productive. Laughter can genuinely decrease pressure and having fun inside your organization once in a while doesn’t hurt – it really makes your staffs work properly. This can give them a recognition that you care about them as well. 

To compensate your faithful clients:

You should treat with your clients in a similar way you do with your workers. You ought to invite them

to the event so that your business will prosper more. You should make them feel that you value them so much. Give your guests a memorable night! ( or day ) Never forget to seek the help of professional corporate event management companies! for your corporate events in Dubai

To demonstrate your organization spirit to individuals:

 Through corporate occasions, you can uncover your organization’s morals and qualities in a fun manner. You can show you got the opportunity to be so great at what you do, share your insight, tell how you effectively assembled associations with different organizations, and obviously, give your visitors a few hints in making their dreams work out as expected – simply the manner in which you did.

To fortify connections:

With whom, you might ask? With your staffs, customers, clients, and partners – with everybody that is associated with your business. Through such occasions, you can improve your current connections too.

And if you are willing to organize a corporate event now, call your trusted event management companies in Dubai, to help you every step of the way! Know the reasons why you need to organize corporate events in your company. Seek the help of your trusted event planners in Dubai – Invent UAE.…

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How to style a red dress for summer

Red is the ultimate colour of passion, excitement, power and love. Conjuring up images of red lipstick, red roses and Valentine’s day, it is clear that a red dress oozes sex appeal. Despite its timeless appeal, it is a colour that is never really on trend; instead, red is built around other trends of the time. How can you style a red dress to make sure you sizzle while being bang on trend this summer?

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A report in Psychology Today examines the connotations of the colour red and what it means to opt for it as a colour preference in terms of clothing

With neutrals
Red is such a bold and striking colour that it needs no help in standing out. Don’t complicate a red outfit by mixing it with intricate designs or other bright colours; instead, team it with neutral shades such as nude and black to create a classy look that takes nothing away from the main focal point. For a summer wedding, a red maxi dress teamed with nude heels could be a killer outfit.

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The right fit
Red is a striking but unforgiving shade. Too tight and it gives the wrong image; too loose and it can look fussy and unflattering. With bold colours, the key is to keep it tailored and find the right fit for you. You will stand out in red, so make sure it is for the right reasons.

Accessorise well
As with colouring, you don’t need to overdo it when it comes to wearing a red dress. A few well-picked accessories will really enhance the look. Gold jewellery sits perfectly against red, so go for a statement earring or necklace. A pair of classic cat-eye sunglasses will give a red dress that undeniable touch of glamour, while a leather jacket can add an alternative, edgy look. Accessorise well and you can get a lot of different styles from one red dress. If you are looking for a red maxi dress visit AX Paris or another fashion brand.

Make it fun
Red is often seen as a serious and powerful colour; however, if you want to make it a little more casual, look out for floaty florals or red gingham. This gives you the opportunity to showcase red but with a lighter, fun approach.…

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Express Your Love For The Man Of Your Life

The one man who is going to stand by your side after your dad is your husband. He takes care of you in all ways and keeps you safe all the time. The best time to show your love for him is on Valentine’s Day. The day is specially dedicated to worldwide people to express their appreciation, and you can also start expressing your love in a gift. Don’t worry that if you have tied the nuptial knot for more years. Some years show your strong roots of love. Present a valuable contribution on this Valentine’s Day Gifts for a husband without mulling over.

Mean Something

Just a wish on Valentine’s Day does not reveal anything. Spending some little amounts of money to see a happy smile is all it takes. He has been there for you in all your sorrows and happiness. Try to express your love healthily by sending the best Valentine Gifts for a husband. The gift makes him feel so particular about everything and makes your love stronger than ever.
Where to get?

Every woman have got this big question like where to get gifts? The best Valentine’s Day gifts for men online are a super cool idea for women to purchase. The online platform has plenty of N gifts which your hubby wants on Valentine’s Day. Some of the rewards like

  • Watch
  • Wallet
  • Perfumes
  • Growler
  • Leather charging station
  • Travel destination pictures
  • Auto emergency tool
  • Travel bag
  • Treat Jar
  • Hidden messages collar stays

These are some of the gifts which the user can buy online. Even same day delivery is possible for many gifts which you are ordering it online. Increase your love hormones more by selecting some of the best tips he loves so much.

The Perfect Valentine Gift

Everybody thinks of something which they want in their life. Likewise, your husband should have figured something which he always wanted to have. Try to fulfil that gift on this special day. Nothing can express your love rather than those unique gifts send valentine gifts for hubby without any mulling over. They can surely make your husband so happy. Most of the readymade gifts are possible for express delivery. Give him the feeling of the most fortunate man to get you as a wife.

Never Miss Out the Dinner

Candlelight dinner can surely bring him lots of happiness if you are doing things right. Even you can cut a cake on a special night. Among all the cakes which are available in online the Red velvet cake online is a delicious one. Since Valentine deals with red colour hearts, the red velvet cake is possible even in a heart shape. Surely you can purchase that cake without any issues, and free home delivery is available when you are getting gifts and cake at a time. Try to make the candlelight dinner, so special by giving so many surprises like this without messing his mood.

Express how much you love him on this particular day without any shyness and start your next level of relationship happily. There are thousands of gifts online and send Valentine gifts for him online without any issues. The online offerings are straightforward to get and cost-effective. It is your turn to surprise him in a better manner which he had never expected so much. Let your love life begin happily on this Valentine’s Day without any reflections of the past or future. Live the moment happily with him.…

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The rules for better engagement ring care

Your engagement ring is one of the most important pieces of jewellery you will ever own. For some people, it is the only jewellery they will ever wear, at least until they add a wedding ring. That means it is vital to care for it properly, but you may struggle to know where to begin. Diamonds are tough, but not indestructible, so here are some steps you can take to preserve their beauty.

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Remove it

You may want to wear your ring all the time, but that heightens the risk of loss or damage. Alternatively, you may remove it every time you do something as simple as washing your hands. Not only is this unnecessary, but it also increases the risk of leaving the ring in someone else’s bathroom. Do remove it during exercise – especially swimming – but otherwise, you should make the decision based on personal comfort.

Ring trees

If you do take your ring off, you need to know where you are leaving it. A ring tree or small pot on the dressing table, kitchen windowsill or bathroom shelf means that whenever you need to remove your ring, you know exactly where to look to find it. This is also makes it less likely it will end up on the floor or down the sink.

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Clean it

A dirty stone will not catch the light in the same way, and your diamond’s brilliance will be lost. The simplest way to clean it is to leave it to soak for a short while in warm water and mild washing-up liquid. Do this regularly ,and your ring will remain as shiny as ever. More advice on cleaning diamond engagement rings is available from

Check it

Make sure the prongs and setting are not damaged. You can do this yourself just by looking and maybe giving it a shake to see if it’s loose. You can also take it to a jeweller for a more professional service. If you purchase a bespoke diamond engagement ring, such as those at, you can consult with experts on the safest and most attractive setting before it is even designed.

Insure it

If the worst happens and the ring is damaged, you will want the peace of mind insurance can bring. It is worth paying more to protect something so important.…

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How to weatherproof your wedding

British weddings must take one thing into consideration – the possibility of inclement weather! Here are some useful tips to avoid having the weather wreck your big plans:

1) Consider the weather when choosing a venue

The easiest way to weatherproof your nuptials is to ensure your venue or marquee is big enough to give everyone shelter. As long as your guests are warm and dry, they will have a great time anywhere. If you’re having a marquee, make sure it has sides that can be pulled down if the weather turns a bit rainy and windy.

2) Stock some wellies and brollies

Don’t fear the weather but embrace it. If inclement weather is forecast, make sure you have a stock of umbrellas and ask guests to bring their wellies (more important if your venue is outdoors). Why not consider having your names and date on some brightly coloured brollies for people to keep as a keepsake. Get your photographer to embrace the weather too, as you can get some amazing shots of guests with their brollies up.

Image credit

Romantic pictures of you with your partner huddled up under an umbrella makes a beautiful shot too. Stormy skies offer perfect lighting for photographers, raindrops look stunning, snow looks intimate and wind blowing a bride’s veil makes an incredible shot. For a Luxury Wedding Photographer near me, visit

3) Temperature

If your wedding is set for the middle of a heatwave, don’t despair, just make sure there is plenty of water available and possibly a few fans around the venue. The sunshine will look beautiful in your summery shots, just make sure elderly relatives and those stuck in morning suits are able to stay hydrated and cool.

Should the temperatures plummet, you could consider hiring a heater or two to keep guests toasty, especially if you’re in a marquee or barn for example. Encourage everyone to get moving on the dance floor and nobody will be cold for long.

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4) Use your ushers

Ushers are there to assist, so make good use of them if the weather is proving challenging. They can cover you with an umbrella as you enter and leave the ceremony. You can ask them to supply towels to wipe down seating etc. Don’t be afraid to ask for help so you can get into the ceremony whilst retaining your flawless dress, hair and make-up.

5) Just have fun!

This is the biggest party of your life, so don’t let the weather dampen your spirits. Clothes can always be dry-cleaned. Relax, have fun and your guests will bound to have a wonderful time no matter what the weather is doing.