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Five Extravagant Jewelry Trends that Originated from the Met Gala Event

The Met Gala is one of the best annual events for celebrities to show off their dazzling fashions of which the world would more than likely talk about. Most of the aspiring fashion designers would also be able to showcase their costumes and fashion style in this very event as well. It is basically the event where the costume institute will be able to set the trend regarding what fashion theme would be for the night, and celebrities are then expected to select their own fashion that would also match the theme as well. Furthermore jewelry trends are also more than likely starting here as well whereas celebrities would arrive with their fashion theme alongside their dazzling jewelry as well.

The very first dazzling jewelry trend that came from the met gala event are diamond chokers which is a kind of jewelry that is generally placed on the neck area that would be able to grant the wearer with a nice oomph in terms of their fashion style. A huge number of celebrities have basically worn diamond chokers in this years of met gala, which provided amazing reactions to a lot of onlookers and it enhances their fashion as well. The best thing about diamond chokers is that they are highly flexible in terms of its design and it can also be used into any kind of fashion style as well. The next trendiest jewelry this past met gala event is the pastel jewelry, which is mostly due to its colorful design that can enhance the fashion of anyone significantly. The best part about pastel colored jewelry is that it can easily beautify any skin tone and can add more subtle color to your outfit as well. Studded diamond earrings are also highly trendy in this years met gala event as well, where a lot of celebrities who want to go with a much simpler and subtle look would wear. The best part about diamond stud earring is that they are simple yet elegant on its own and it would allow for the wearers natural beauty to stand out more than the jewelry as well. Another highly trendy jewelry in this year’s met gala event are colorful and thrilling jewelry. There are a lot of celebrities in this year met gala event who want to integrate more color and exciting fashion statement as well, which would then be easily enhanced by the colorful and exciting jewelry significantly. Finally, a very trendy style of jewelry is the vintage styled jewelry which is also highly the talk of this year’s met gala event as well by fashion magazines.


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