What is Bajukurung?


The bajukurung is a kind of conventional gets dressed utilized by Malay descendants inside the Nusantara. The baju kurung Pahang is common in nations including Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia (Jambi, Riau, Padang, and Benton). Although these countries would possibly check with the fashion using unique names, the bajukurung is described through its similar cut and pattern. The advancement of modern-day style has modified the concept and information of the bajukurung that is closely associated with changes in Malay cultural phenomena. This study examines modifications to bajukurung designs to determine if the style still represents the identity of Malay girls. This has a look at takes a qualitative technique through making use of the cultured morphology evaluation technique to apprehend how layout traits correspond to the cultural adjustments in present day Malaysia. This examination focuses on the modern improvement of bajukurung designs with the aid of using several samples of bajukurung designs through neighborhood Malay designers as the number one facts. Historical references of bajukurung are used to discover variables which could have changed in modern designs. The findings suggest that the development of modern-day bajukurung corresponds to a cultural development technique that has slightly altered the visible identity of Malay women residing in Malaysia and Singapore. The bajukurung in the context of cultural changes in modern Malay society, this study will focus on fashion and it is to the universal cultural system of the society, technology, and the economy.

Specialty Of bajukurung:

According to Roland Barthes, “Fashion itself is a cultural device of meanings.” Therefore, modifications inside the shape and style of the bajukurung most possibly symbolize cultural adjustments. This view is also supported by way of Gilles Lipovetsky who states, “Fashion is a particular shape of social change, independent of any particular item…”

Malay apparel patterns advanced over a protracted time period starting in the prehistoric generation. Malay garb used herbal sources until Malays obtained fabrics such as cotton and silk from Indian and Chinese investors

Malay fashion ultimately has become associated with the tradition of the archipelago, resulting in its unique identity. The Baja kurung is one of the oldest Malay apparel styles. Because the Malay Hanisa Hassan sixty-five kingdom is substantial, the similarities in bajukurung styles may be determined in different regions of the Malay Archipelago along with Bengkulu, Jambi, Riau, Padang, Acheh and Palembang in Indonesia. The men’s bajuGurung have become referred to as “BajuTelukBelanga” throughout the technology of Sultan Abu Bakar Seri Maharaja in 1862. The top turned into made from the geometric sample of the bajukurung, which was normally paired with woven material or batik as the sarong.

The methodology of bajukurung:

A qualitative method will become used to analyze the components of bajukurung with the aid of making use of the method brought with the aid of Munro. A case observes method have become determined on because of the fact this observer makes a specialty of a specific pattern of designs decided on from the top 3 Malay designers in Kuala Lumpur. The decided on designs, which have been used as primary statistics, were accrued from nearby style magazines and web sites and in comparison to the traditional baju kurung to pick out the brand new factors

Some traditional materials are still used and produced by artisans in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia; however, the price is rather costly. Due to that, many designers opt to use modern materials (such as polyester, satin, etc), which are cheaper, easier to maintain and more durable.

Modern techniques allow the fabric to have unlimited motifs, which are no longer limited to certain types of designs. This has provided designers the flexibility in choosing the motifs and colors.

Unlimited colors due to modern technology that has produced a wide range of hues. Colors and materials no longer have relation to status. But for some occasions related to palace ceremonies, certain dress codes or colors (such as not wearing full song ket materials or one color) still apply.

The development of the baju kurung moden is also an evidence of change in dynamic cultural systems, particularly knowledge, technology and economics, which can be seen through the ideas, artifacts, and activities of the society. Further research on the current development of Malay clothing in relation to current designs is constantly needed because of fashion changes continuously.


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