Thinking About Dropping Out of College: 4 Factors to Consider First

If you’re thinking of dropping out of college, we’re sorry this seminal life experience isn’t turning out the way you may have hoped it would. That said, college is an incredibly important part of your education, so you should consider staying in and dealing with what’s upsetting you. If you don’t, you might end up throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Here are four factors to consider before making a drastic decision.

Earning Potential

There is simply no getting around the fact that you will earn less than your college-educated counterparts if you don’t stay in school. Unless you’re a phenom in a particular field and can prove that to an employer, you’ll find it very, very difficult to find a decently paying job with upward mobility. Speaking of money, if you’ve already been in school for a few semesters, you’ve spent cash you won’t get back. If you leave, you’ve essentially spent that money on nothing.

There Are Many Types of College

If you’re looking at dropping out because your particular school doesn’t work for you, have you considered an alternate education? Many students are getting their associates or bachelor’s degrees online these days. Community colleges are also seeing an uptick in attendance, given that they cost far less than more traditional universities. Whatever the reason you’re not feeling where you are, dropping out of school completely isn’t going to do you any favors. Look into other educational options that might suit you.

Exhaust All Areas of Help

Have you been to a guidance office? Talked to your academic advisor? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on wonderful opportunities to help yourself if you’re unhappy with your current situation. There are lots of things a particular school will do to keep you. They might be able to offer you financial aid assistance, class adjustments or just be a listening ear. If what you’re feeling is frustration and homesickness. Know you aren’t alone and there’s lots of help out there.

It Isn’t Just About the Money

While you’ll waste a significant amount of money in both tuition and opportunity cost, if you drop out of school, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to expand your mind. Getting away from home at least once in your life will show you some different ways to live. You’d be surprised at how exciting it can be to see different possibilities. We could talk up and down about how you shouldn’t throw away an opportunity to go to Stanford University. We could tell you till we’re blue in the face that there are more job opportunities for masters of accounting graduates than there are for people who don’t finish school. Neither of those things hits on one of the most important benefits of staying in school: your social education.

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