Things to Consider Before Renting a Storage Unit

It may seem easy to rent a storage unit, but there are things to consider before choosing a provider. Many professional moving services also provide storage, which can make the selection process easier. Whether a customer needs long-term or temporary storage, they should address these factors before signing a rental agreement.

What Will be Stored

First, renters need to decide just what they’re planning to store. Moving and self storage services can vary widely by location, and it’s difficult for a customer to decide what they need before they know what they’ll be storing. Making these decisions early on can help a customer determine how much space and climate control they’ll need.

Long-Term vs. Temporary Storage

Next, the customer should decide how long they’ll be storing their belongings. As mentioned earlier, many moving companies have storage services as well, which can be the ideal solution for a customer who’s relocating or is between homes. Rates can vary depending on the length of the rental agreement, and knowing this ahead of time can help a customer set a realistic budget.


A storage unit’s accessibility is another important consideration. Will the customer be able to access the unit at all hours? If not, do the facility’s hours interfere with the customer’s schedule? If a storage facility offers 24-hour access, it should have security measures in place. While customers want free access to their belongings, it’s important to protect them from others.

Storage Insurance

Ask the facility representative about storage insurance. If the company does not offer its own coverage, customers should call their home insurance company to find out whether the policy covers belongings stored offsite.

Climate Control

Once a customer knows what they’ll be storing, they can decide whether to rent a climate-controlled unit. While both options are widely available, it can be hard to decide which is best. If the family’s belongings include wood furniture, photos and electronics, they should consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit.

Find a Local Storage Unit

While most people don’t think much about renting a storage unit, it’s not a decision to be made lightly. A family’s choice of storage units can affect the condition of their belongings, and it can have financial effects as well. Call or click today to learn more about the company’s storage services.


Author: editor