MBA Degree from a Reputable Institute Carries a Lot of Weight

An MBA degree from a well-established business school, known for developing capable management graduates, possesses all the potential of fast tracking your career. Top of the line business schools have the infrastructure and world class faculty to let you explore innovation, leadership and sustainable business practises. An MBA program of an accomplished management institute not only allows you to keep pace with the shifting business landscape, they in fact allow you to be several steps ahead of it. An MBA from best management colleges in UP or for that matter anywhere else in India develop graduates who possess the ability and the knowledge to make an impact.

Low quality business schools in contrast lack both the desire and the infrastructure to offer you an education which is of immediate practical relevance in the job market. Students of these second string institutes often find the going tough in the job market as the degree they have obtained commands little or no respect in a highly cutthroat job environment. Return on investment generated by their degree is extremely poor and students are often left wondering about finding a way to pay back their loans.

It is precisely the reason it is said that business school research should be the most important activity in your MBA application process. If you get this process right, you can be assured that all the pieces are likely to fall into its place and you will find yourself most favourably disposed to achieve your intended purposes of doing an MBA in the first place. Some of the important factors you need to keep in mind to ensure that you manage to find for yourself top management colleges in Lucknow or for that matter anywhere else in the country are as following:

Do your research

A comprehensive research about different business schools you have in mind should be an integral part of your MBA application process. It is of utmost importance as an MBA is a serious investment of time and money. Even if we eliminate the high tuition fee associated with an MBA program, you must remember that the time you lose pursuing a worthless degree from a second string-string institute can ruin your entire future. You need to assure yourself that the business school you have in mind can do justice to your career aspirations. Do not go by the advertisements blitzkrieg or empty boasting that many lowly rated indulge in to draw attention of MBA aspirants. If possible, visit the institute personally to get a better hang of its infrastructure, quality of teaching, academic environment, etc.

Figure out how these programs will help you reach your goals, but don’t get stuck on what the program is “known” for. Look at the MBA experience as a whole. Will this program not only give you the right skills, but also the right network, resources, and support that you need to advance your career. Find out more about the rank and reputation of the business school and the return of investment your degree is going to generate. Majority of well-known business schools are open about their employment statistics and you can find them anywhere. However, a large number of them issue only their latest placement report. You need to dig a bit deeper to find what students on an average are earning three or four years down the line.

Apply to a mix of business schools

Different business schools have different selection criteria. For example, a management institute may place added importance on work experience whereas other would look at your entire profile. What it means is that you are better off applying to at least six or seven business schools. By casting a wider net, you are considerably improving your chances of gaining admission in a good management college or institute.

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