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How to Wrap Shirt Tie Shirt Birthday Gift

In this article I will share information and how to wrap a birthday gift in the form of a unique and interesting tie shirt. In the hope of helping you to wrap the gift to be more interesting and special.

Prepare gift wrapping box (select rectangular shape, do not square shape / cube)
Prepare Gift paper (color according to taste)
Prepare the Ribbon (color according to taste)
Double tip

If the materials and tools used are ready. Now go to tutorial how to wrap wrapping shirt-shaped tie. It so  easy, if you want to see another accessories you can visit Bela Pequena Vestidos para Festa

Note: The gift must be adjusted from the gift wrap. Create a gift reference: A unique gift list for guys

How To Wrap A Gift Shape (Tie Shirt)

Once the tools and materials are available, let’s move on to the shoe-making wrap-making steps.

  1. Prepare wrapping paper that is held upside downThen put the gift box that you have filled your gift on the wrapping paper.
    gift wrapping behind
  2. Fold the wrapping paper wrapped around the cardboard box.

    Fold the side of the gift wrapping paper, cover it on the box and paste it with solation. Then, fold also the other side to cover the gift box. If the position is fitted, glue it with solation. View image!
    Gift Wrapping Process

  3. Folding the end of wrapping paper (top and bottom)

    Fold the end of the wrapping paper, one side (top) is longer to be designed into a shirt collar.
    Upper and Lower Side Gift Package Process

  4. Make collar tie on gift wrap.

    Trim the top, then fold backward approximately 3 cm as much as 2 folds, Wrap Shirt Collection Formation

Cut left and right scissors approximately 7 cm

Wrap Shirt Collection Formation

Unfold, then paste the ribbon on the fold and fold back to the back, do as the picture

Placing Ribbon for Ties

Shape the collar shirt and then paste on the middle with double-sided tape, then form the tie as you want. after finish trim the top using double tape again, do like picture.
Make a Tie on a Created Shirt Collar
ribbon creations for ties…

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Easy Tips to Protect Your Plants from Scorching Summer Heat

The mercury is rising rapidly and the day time temperatures are ranging anything between 40 to 50 degree Celsius and even more. This is making unpleasant living conditions for everyone be it humans, plants or animals. The scorching summer heat is critical for the survival of plants and can cause them to dry up and die ultimately.

If you want to save your plants from the hot summer climate, here are the few tips that can help you out in this direction.

Check out the watering requirements- Due to the scorching sun rays, plants are losing a lot of water through their roots and leaves. This excessive loss of water can cause plants to wilt and can take moisture from the soil. To reverse the water loss and prevent the drying of plants, you need to water your plants in a proper manner but avoid overwatering the plants as it can also cause the death of plants.

Use wind breaker for your plants- The wind is known to dry out the soil, plants and mulch which can cause wilting of the plants. To avoid such a scenario, you need to have a hedge or fencing around your home garden to protect your plants from fast moving winds. However, you need to take adequate steps for ensuring proper air movement or flow between your plants for avoiding conditions like heat trap. You can easily get artificial wind breaker for your garden through any online flower shop in Sharjah, Dubai and other such cities.   

Grow different varieties of heat resistant flowering plants- One of the amazing ways to protect your plants from the burning sun rays is to grow heat tolerant flowering plants in your garden. You can try growing various flowering plants such as amaranth, sunflower, lavender, petunia, yarrow and others that are known to withstand harsh hot climates. These beautiful flowers can also be sent as special gifts to your loved ones through the help of flower bouquet delivery in Sharjah for any occasion.

Protect them from bright and hot sun rays- Due to the harsh rays of the sun, plants often stop flowering and become sunburned. There are various plant species like peppers, tomatoes and eggplants that restrict their flowering activities when the temperatures rise around 90 Fahrenheit. For providing an artificial shade to your plants, you can take the help of a patio umbrella or a lightweight fabric material that can be easily stretched over a trellis for preventing plants from harsh climates.

Take pruning at a regular interval- There are situations when the nutrition of a plant is consumed by semi-dried parts, broken branches and other such areas which lead to wastage of water and soil nutrients. During the hot climates, you need to prune or remove the broken or semi-dried parts of the plant for avoiding the wastage of water and soil nutrients. For carrying out pruning, you can easily get gardening equipments from any offline or online nursery.

So, don’t let your plants get dried up due to the hot summer climate but take the appropriate steps accordingly. 


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Clothing that once synonymous with something out of date, is now transformed into one of the most popular fashion in Indonesia. Even the world. In Indonesia, the number of Muslim fashion designers increasingly number of days.
Indonesia as a country with the majority of Muslims in the world, certainly already worthy of being one of the Muslim fashion center of the world. In the country itself, there are many talented young Muslim designers such as Dian Pelangi, Ria Miranda, Jenahara Nasution and many more. Some designers who had already worked as though racing out the collection of Muslim fashion because the market is so promising.

With his achievements in Muslim fashion, Indonesia is becoming recognized and a model for the development of fashion for other Muslim countries. Starting from the game wearing a veil, the latest hijab trend is always up to date and beautiful designs that make a beautiful Muslim fashion in the eyes of the world.

In the world, more familiar fashion clothing called fashion modest also began to show tajinya. Faduma Aden, CEO and founder of Jemmila fashion line from Sweden, said the Muslim fashion market in Europe is so big. The large number of immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa region is one of the factors.

The impact, a special clothing line of Muslim fashion is growing rapidly. Some retailers were called Faduma began to look fashion modest.

Modest fashion has many types that can be combined match. Either with a head cover or not. It also makes the market bigger, “he said.

With the huge market potential, Didiet was quite convinced that Muslim fashion so developed in Indonesia can penetrate the outside market. However, he reminded that the designers do not originate to bring their collections abroad without doing research.

Didiet exemplifies subtropical countries that have different seasons with Indonesia. The style of the people is different. According to him, as a designer should have done a long research before issuing the collection. Starting from what kind of clothing pieces to fabric material.

“Do not bring a collection of clothes with a thin material in winter. Will not be used, “he said.

The designers too, continued Didiet, should be ready with their production when it opens itself to the international world. They must be ready to produce their clothing with a lot of amount within a reasonable time.

If it can be fulfilled it means that Indonesia is ready to compete in the world arena. Moreover, now it is not difficult to market products abroad with the internet.

With a more open world and adequate infrastructure support, Indonesian Muslim fashion can be easily accessed by people overseas there.

It was justified Public Relations Hijup Fatima Medina Septiyanti. Based on data collected, Muslim fashion shopping platform from Indonesia is also often visited by people outside Indonesia.

The United States is ranked second, below Indonesia, in terms of visits to the Hijup portal. “In fact, previously still a neighboring country. Like Malaysia and Singapore. Currently, the United States is in the top three. Followed by India. New Malaysia and Singapore, “said the woman who can be addressed by Dina.

Compared to other countries such as countries in the Middle East, Europe and America, fashion clothing Muslims in Indonesia is much more developed, bold and fashionable. With so Indonesia deserves to be a mecca of Muslim clothing world.
Indonesia became the fashion mecca of the world. The designers also showcased their classy collection in prestigious fashion week. Like Jakarta Islamic Fashion Week, Indonesia Fashion Week and Jakarta Fashion Week.

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The shoe is one of the items that everyone uses to protect the feet, the shoe serves to protect the feet from dirt as well as from the dangers that will sustain you. Currently, shoes not only become a primary need has become a secondary need for some people who work in the office or for the streets alone.

More and more use of shoes to work appearance or row to support the current appearance of the market has been providing various types, colors and various forms to support the appearance. But choosing shoes also can not arbitrarily not, because if one-one choose shoes then not a cool appearance just our shoes will ruin our appearance.

For those of you who have a crisp black tint, know that there are not any colors that you should avoid because it will definitely show your shortcomings. Well for that This is How to Choose the Right Shoes Match the Skin Color.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Shoes Match the Skin Color:

1. for you who have a white color.

We always assume that white skin is suitable to wear any color, but in fact even though you have white skin, not all shoe colors fit on your feet, colors like orange, purple, red and yellow need to be avoided because it will make your appearance look tacky. While the colors that are suitable for your skin color is brown, bright blue, off while and bold blue.

2. for you sweet black. 

if you have dark skin tone, do not ever think that there is no shoe color that match your skin because it is wrong. For the sweet black try to choose shoes with colors that are brighter than your skin color like blue, red heart, pink, white and others. The use of bright colors will actually make your skin look cleaner and brighter. And a little note for you who have sweet black skin to avoid dark colors like black, brown, green leaves.

3. Tips For The Brown Skin
You are the owner of brown leather. Lucky you because it has no dark skin color is also not bright because you will not be too difficult selection of shoe color that is suitable for your skin. For the chocolate you can choose the colors younger like brown, and pink gray, These colors will make your appearance look more attractive.

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