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They blame this American condiment for making their youngsters fat, but they don’t ban the butter on their bread. That is the very worst idea at present being offered as academic reform that I have ever heard of. What would happen is that the lecturers in affluent schools – who do relatively little work as a result of their college students are highly motivated – would get benefit raises; but all the other lecturers, who do far more work making an attempt to encourage their much less affluent students, would get no benefit pay or presumably be fired.

One of them is the concept that there are too many schools shut together with out enough enrollment to help them.” To back up this assertion, closure proponents cite the district’s latest enrollment projections Those projections show a precipitous thirty-four % drop in the projected enrollment at Hoover, which would have, at one point, as few as 199 college students!

I don’t assume Spectrum is enough of a program to mourn the loss of it in any cluster(I want it was)…however clearly I do nonetheless assume Wedgwood should be at JAMS, so insofar because it(Spectrum) is a proxy for the wealthy schools in that one cluster (and it’s not everywhere- in lots of locations it is just how schools deliver their advanced learning), I guess I assume one ought to be at JAMS.

Despite this obvious lack of relief for college kids, the state lecturers union (NYSUT) has failed to sound the alarm, and instead has launched one million dollar member-funded multi-media campaign to focus on progress.” While a marketing campaign video vaguely states that there is still numerous work to do,” the campaign is absent of any call to motion.

In Germany college students graduating from Grundschule aren’t allowed to immediately progress right into a vocational school, however are alleged to proceed to one among Germany’s basic schooling schools equivalent to Gesamtschule , Hauptschule , Realschule or Gymnasium When they go away that school, which usually happens at age 15-19 they’re allowed to proceed to a vocational school.

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