5 Factors to Consider Before Joining Greek Life in College

Some people view college Greek life with admiration, while others view it with abhorrence. Regardless of your personal views or whether you’re thinking about joining USC or Alabama State University, there are many reasons to both join and not join Greek life while in college. If you are unsure about what to do, here are five factors to consider before signing up.

1. Unforeseen Expenses

Not many people see this one coming, if they did maybe they wouldn’t click here, but joining Greek life does come with a specific set of financial costs. For example, you could incur fees for recruitment, your house, your house emblem on a pin, various social gatherings, and upgrading y our wardrobe. Before you join, make sure that you have enough money set aside for these potential expenses, as joining and not being able to cover them could waste your time and result in embarrassment down the road.

2. Networking

Greek life is one of the best ways to build lasting connections. Joining a fraternity or sorority will give you access to a vast network of individuals that will only continue to grow throughout your college experience. This is great because these connections will come in handy when it comes time to find a job after you graduate.

3. Alcohol Intake

One thing that likely comes to mind when thinking about greek life: alcohol. That’s because alcohol use is a prevalent problem within Greek life. This is due to a variety of factors, many of which are tightly woven into fraternity and sorority culture. Consider this factor very carefully before signing up, as it could be a decision that could impact your life for years to come.

4. Social Gatherings

Joining a fraternity or sorority means exclusive access to a wide variety of social functions and parties. While this sounds like it is all fun and games, remember that sometimes this could entail engaging in social outreach, and committing to something that could be quite demanding on your time. Take care to ensure that you can balance your social activities with your academic coursework. If you find that you are prone to struggling in this type of environment, Greek life may not be for you.

5. Hazing

Hazing is an unfortunate aspect of college Greek culture that sometimes rears its ugly head. Fortunately, many fraternities and sororities have evolved beyond this sort of behavior. Typically, pledges are instructed to perform demeaning tasks, but nothing that should endanger their life or the lives of others. However, if you ever find yourself in a situation where hazing is being encouraged, make sure that you report it to the proper authorities. When being asked to perform certain tasks, ask yourself whether what you have been asked to do will enrich your personal development and whether it is something you would allow a friend or relative to perpetrate.


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