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The Requirements of Becoming a Nurse There are a few steps you need to take before you’re even allowed into a nursing school, and most programs require you to pass what is known as a TEAS test, which stands for Testing of Essential Academic Skills. This test is a multiple choice exam that asses your knowledge in the many fields of reading, mathematics, science, English and language comprehension. This is also the entrance examination for Prelicensure and Accelerated Prelicensure Bachelor of Science in nursing degrees. Some schools may also require that you take what is called a Health Education Systems exam, but this can vary from state to state so you’ll need to check with your admissions office to see what all is required. Exams like the TEAS should be easy for future graduates to master as it covers all the content taught in high school grades 10-12, but you should still study. There are, of course, numerous refresher courses if you feel you can’t master the information on your own time. Visit your local college website to see what kind of classes they offer that are convenient to you. These exams are designed to see where you happen to stand as far as academic excellence when applying to the bachelor of science program in nursing. It also ensures that you have proper math, reading and English comprehension needed to be successful in this type of program.
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There are other requirements that you’ll need to get started in a proper nursing program. You will need a standard background check and drug screen. You must pass a physical examination and have up to date tetanus and proof of immunizations like rubella, varicella, and hepatitis B. Some schools will require you to carry malpractice insurance and proof that you passed a CPR certification for adults, children and infants.
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When it comes to background checks you should know that these are a big deal. Make sure that there are no felony convictions for violent crimes or drugs in your past because this could prevent you from getting into the program. When it comes to nursing you need to understand that they must be trusted, especially when it comes to infants and the elderly. So it is important that you perform a background check to make sure everything is in good standing. These requirements can seem overwhelming at first, but they are designed to make sure that a school is accepting the best and brightest. Nurses should be trusted and able to maintain good social skills while keeping a professional manner at all times during the day. Make sure you are representing both your school and self in the work environment.


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