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Unique Clothing, My Passion Turned Nightmare

Unique Clothing, My Passion Turned Nightmare

What is your passion or your dream? A common question a teacher in school always asks. My passion is fashion especially unique clothing, my dream is to own a lots of unique beautiful clothing and lot of unique accessories.

What clothing is considered unique? To me it is a clothing, be it a dress, a skirt or pants with distinctive style, with unique or unusual design in the form of cutting, color or fabric combination. It will always stand out among the rest of the clothing when place together. It will always make you the focus point where ever you are and guys or ladies will stop to take a glance.

My passion started very young. Since early childhood, I am already a beauty conscious girl, always wanted to look best when my parent or sibling brought me out for visiting or shopping. I will rather not go out if I am not satisfied with myself on that day. I use to look in the mirror every now and then. I will stop in front of every mirror that I walk pass in a shopping mall,

During my teenage, I am always the best dressed among my peers, I will spend hours choosing and matching my outfit the night before any outing. I spend lot of my pocket money on beauty and fashion magazine to get the latest update on the fashion trends. I have always wanted to look different from my peers, so I always get clothes that are unique and trendy that will make me unique and outstanding. To stand out among them, I always go for a new style and look.

As time pass by, friends started to approach me for help and advice, so I became their fashion consultant, teaching them how to dress and what to wear. Then they start borrowing all my precious unique clothing, which I am quite reluctant to lend them. All the clothing that went out, only half came back, which eventually leads me into starting my own boutique.

It was a dream come true, a passion turn career. Most people will be very happy to be able to have passion or hobby as their career. Yes, I am happy too, I now owned lots of unique clothing. Is a tough challenge to source for all these clothing and everyday dealing with the dust particles from these clothing had caused my face to itch with rashes. After wasting lots of money seeing beauticians, doctors and even specialists, I am still tortured by this itchiness every now and then.

Now, I no longer stop by any mirror that I walk pass and I am not so enthusiastic to dress myself up. My focus has shifted to dressing up my customer instead of dressing up myself. To a beauty conscious lady, it was a very, very big sacrificed. To fully cure my itchiness, I am advice to give up my passion and my career. At the moment, I am still trying to find a way out. I love my passion and my career and I believe there will be a way out.

P.S. Some consolation when customer come back and tells me this. “Thank you Jeneve, appreciate for dressing me up, my colleagues and friends all said my clothing is very unique, I look more beautiful and more confident now.”…

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Cute Choppy Pixie Hairstyles and Haircut Ideas

Do you ever get tired of the same old long traditional hairstyles and wish you could try a sexy choppy pixie haircut for a change? After all, you know how many ladies always stick to the same hair style. Well, this is your chance to try something new and bring out the fun cute side of you that will amaze everyone. Find out more…
Luckily, pixie haircuts and choppy hair styles are becoming more popular these days. If it was 20 years ago, short hair styles were less common among women. But today you can find hundreds and even thousands of creative stunning short hair ideas to choose from.
So the question is, how can you find your favorite short haircut idea? Here are a few helpful tips and ideas for you to discover more…
Which Style Matches Your Face Shape?
Did you know? Depending on the shape of your face, the same hairstyle can look fabulous or terrible on you. It is a fact. And by finding out more about your face shape, you can save lots of time and misplaced haircuts and choose the most perfect style that looks gorgeous around your face.
For example if you have a round shape face, your best bet will be a longer straight hair style that makes your face look longer and thinner. On the other hand, the worst choice would be a puffy curly short haircut that makes you look double round.
On the other hand, if your face looks very long and thin, you would want to be make it look more round and balanced, right? So as you can guess, a more curly and puffy hair style would fit you best.
So when it comes to pixie choppy hairstyles, you want to choose one which matches your face shape. Whether your face is round, oval, square, diamond, or heart shape, you can simply find the perfect haircut for it to bring out your most stunning look.
So How Can You Discover Your Face Shape?
It is easy. You can ask your hairstylist, who is already trained to be able to recognize your shape by a simple look. Or if you’d like to do it yourself, here is an easy way how…
Simply stand in front of the mirror and hold back your hair firmly in a ponytail. If you have short hair, you can use a hairband to pull back all your hair so you can easily see your full face.
Now take a careful look at the borders of your face and see which shape it looks like the most. Does it look like a perfect round shape, an oval, or a square? After you guess your face shape, you can do a quick search for it in Google and see other sample pictures to make sure you have made the correct guess.
So good luck choosing the best gorgeous choppy hair styles and pixie haircut ideas for a fresh new look!…

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How a Cosmetic Dentist Helps to Improve Appearance

How a Cosmetic Dentist Helps to Improve Appearance

For many decades, people have been going in for regularly scheduled dental work–and often times dreading it. Most offices are providing a variety of ways to make the patient feel more comfortable and at ease. A typical visit consists of checkups, fillings and cleanings. Many times the patient will also discover that they need more extensive work done such as extractions, root canals and even bridgework.

As of recently, more people are seeking out the services of a cosmetic dentist to handle problems that pertain to the appearance as opposed to only the health of the person’s teeth. Some of the often sought solutions to these types of problems include bleaching, gum line sculpting, porcelain veneers and laser whitening. The goal is to allow the patient to feel better about the look of their smile. This, in turn, will help the person to make a nice first impression in the business world.

Some people become apprehensive about having dental work done. Today’s services can be handled in a variety of manners to allow for the most comfort for the patient. Often times, a cosmetic dentist will offer a mild sedation procedure that can provide an ease to any anxiety that is being felt. Gentle dentistry is the goal of today’s doctors. Their intention is to provide a pain-free, non-stressful experience.

Patients will begin to look forward to the future visit, rather than feeling a sense of trepidation in regard to the upcoming appointment. Tooth appearance is a big concern for people. A person needs to present a professional appearance in order to maintain success in this ever-changing society. Not only are your skills and experience important these days, but looks do play an important role as well. This is not something that is readily admitted, but it is a reality particularly in a tough job market.

As a start, a cosmetic dentist can improve the look of a person’s mouth via laser whitening or bleaching. Glossy, white teeth stand out and look much better than those that are yellow or stained. Then years can improve teeth that may be crooked or displaced. Gum line sculpting can improve teeth that appear to be crooked, but in actuality are not. The process involves sculpting the gums so that each tooth appears to be the same shape and size, thereby giving teeth a straight appearance.

Today’s advances allow for nearly anyone to achieve a straight, white, nice looking smile. This is important for both personal and professional relations. A good depression can make or break a future business deal. A smile is one of the first things people notice during an introduction and visiting a cosmetic dentist can give yours the look that you desire.…

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Fashion Style: Product of Inner Artistry

Fashion Style: Product of Inner Artistry

Want to be trendy and stylish in all your favorite parties and occasions? It is amazing and fun to be unique and fashionable. Even wearing a mullet wig can make a difference if you just know how to carry the fashion you chose to impose. During parties, it is important that you know every detail of the occasion. This can prepare you for your outfit and style. The more unique you are the more you can definitely stand out in the crowd.

Parties like Halloween and Costume can make possible of wearing the stylish Halloween wigs. There are definitely a lot of designs to choose from depending on the character you are trying to portray. Pirate costume is always nice when perfectly matched with mullet wig. If you are trying to be Jack Sparrow just for a night, make it come true by choosing one of the stylish pirate costumes paired with one of the Halloween wigs then, the charming pirate will definitely be on their sight.

Your fashion statement is definitely a must when it comes to attending a party. You will be hiring a personal fashion coach or you will be managing your own style. Either ways, you need to be the unique and different to stand out.

There are cases when you will be stressed thinking of a fashion and style you need to materialize during a party. This is true to a lot of party goers especially when they have already tried to appear in a lot of parties. Sometimes, you will run out of fashion ideas. Even finding a pair for a mullet wig may be hard to do but not to worry. You can definitely do a way for finding a solution for this dilemma of yours.

If you have been a party goer ever since, then you already know at least in your mind the possible parties you are attending every year. If this is the case, make a list of parties to make also your preparations ahead of time. This can also save your effort and the possible stress and worries you will undergo. If you are a regular Halloween party attendee then matching one of the Halloween wigs for a perfect outfit or costume will not be hard for you anymore.

Trust your fashion statement. It is actually fine if you like experimenting to different styles. The important thing is you are able to carry the fashion you created. Confidence can make a lot of difference especially in wearing your costumes and definitely portraying the character you chose. Say, a gruesome witch. You will definitely be wearing a dirty and filthy witch costume. Your hair will be a total mess or you can wear a Halloween costume to save hair accessories and gels. If your esteem is low you will end up a real witch hiding in one corner.

The catch is that, one should not be afraid to show her own style and fashion. We should understand that our fashion statement represents on what a person we are. We are artistic and definitely creative to let the partly continue with fun and joy until it ends.…

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Reveal the Inner You With Fashion

Reveal the Inner You With Fashion

Fashion is a way of expressing yourself, your personality, even your political views. It has paramount social implication because it answers a basic human need: projecting opinions and attitudes. We want to stand out or belong to a group because we want to matter or fit in. Just like any other form of communication, we want or need recognition and validation of identity.

Since early on, fashion was meant to create a separation of class, gender, culture or national characteristic. People were and still are discriminated and treated differently because of their appearance. We are superficial human beings at the core but education and good sense taught us that these were mistakes of the past.

Today we like to dress to impress, to feel good about ourselves or just because etiquette requires us to. No matter the reason, we will always lend the clothes we wear a tint of our personality. And fashion style is not restricted to clothes. Fashion style covers all of our choices concerning outside looks and cultural borrowing in terms of behavior, language or social preferences.

Some do not actually choose to follow a fashion trend because it suits them but because it is generally perceived as cool. The reason for this may be because of the large number of options that confuse more than clarify what is better for someone. Retailers try to reach as many societal levels as possible thus not having a clear direction in their design. The good thing is that you can combine and mix anything with anything as long as you are comfortable with it. Your confidence will influence your fashion choice. You are either a follower or a trend setter. Either way, fashion is a quirky reflection of someone’s personality. You can hide behind it or make it interesting and fun, emphasizing a secure self.

Apart from these aspects, as we evolved some people refused to be caught in the middle. The extremes of fashion have raised the latest of society’s problem: becoming overly desensitized. Becoming overly outspoken about your fashion style or being painfully bland are issues that trigger a lot of criticism. The problems revolve around superficiality and exaggeration like dressing your dog with thousands of dollars worth of clothes or taking a limousine rather than walk a couple of blocks. All of these are fashion statements that clarify a social status, as mentioned earlier. Everyone is searching for a special place in the memory of his or her public. In order to guarantee success, they choose to make an aggressive impact for it to last.

Fashion is incredibly tricky and should be treated as such. Clothes and accessories will never actually tell the entire story about a person but will say how that certain person wants to be perceived. It is important to remember this aspect because more often than not, what the wearer wants does not coincide with what or who he or she is in reality. Just like cosmetic surgery, some fashion styles are meant to deceive or better something that is not satisfying. Fashion in general is actually based on people’s vanity.

That doesn’t mean having or choosing a fashion style is bad or hypocritical. What actually counts is that it represents your lifestyle and your activities. All things fake, pretentious and inconsistent are usually detrimental and unflattering.…

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Hip Hop Women Fashion

Hip hop culture is the product of African-Americans incorporating a distinct taste of break-dance, music, graffiti art, beatbox and fashion. In a world that admits to the existence of a thin line that undervalues women and more so, black women, hip hop became their salvation. It has been their self expression, a face they wear with dominating and contagious vibrancy.
What has probably been the most catching with hip hop among the women is their fashion. Aside from the upbeat grooves of their dance, the soul stirring feel of their music, the passion of their graffiti writing and what more there is to the signature homie, the fashion is what really made them distinct. Oversized clothes, baggie jeans, bulky sneakers and flashy urban accessories are quite acceptable for men to wear. But these women fashion accessories has been embraced due to the unique look and hot and sexy appearance it brings.
Hip hop women clothing accessories are identified with a slick, relaxed manly style. The key to this women fashion accessory is not just the funky trainers or trucker caps nor to the hoodies or polo shirts that make them look masculine. It is always the attitude of wearing it. The urban accessories can only imitate a tough and rugged look but the feel of hip hop is how girls bring that impression.
Fashion for women has always been restricted to the prim and proper, the slim cuts, the somehow reserved, the cute, petite and even ranges to the complex, luxurious and extravagant. What hip hop women fashion accessories brought was a new way to present and express the manly them. It generally defies the common gentle and sophisticated nature of women clothing accessories and introduced a more nonchalant parade.
Urban accessories have also changed to fit the more sturdy appearance of women. What is probably the most popular among hip hop women clothing accessories are fitted caps which differ from the usual designs in baseball. It has no elastic or Velcro. They were meant to fit all sizes. Fashion also requires the right footwear which of this trend are sneakers with bright colors and intricate details. Old school foot gear is also preferable with its simple pattern and a sort of grubby look.
Bling-bling are so in with women fashion accessories. The flashy earrings ornament the head along with proud hairdo or a necessary hairpiece. Oversized pendants and elaborate jewelry also a must with women clothing accessories. Loosely fit large-faced watches are also a popular choice as well as the big sunglasses which have really caught on for a long time now.
Hip hop women fashion accessories are the pure impression of the African American culture. It is the shadow of the longing for impartiality. It does not hide under the guise of strength but brings out beauty through the sturdy attitude of the one wearing it. The fashion combined with the music, the dance and the art truly make up the hip hop women.…